Bryan Rice (Swami Christananda Brahmanadi/ Shaman Xi Red Medicine Bear) is an Independent, Progressive Catholic/Progressive Episcopal Priest, Kundalini yogi, ordained in valid lines of apostolic succession through the Liberal and Old Catholic Churches. Also, he is a contemporary mystic visionary committed to the cosmic cause of helping others in deepening awareness of their inner divinity, "remembering" and "awakening" to Oneness with The Supreme Loving God and all of creation, and embodying the universal anointing of Christhood.

Bryan has been on a spiritual journey, a quest of Self-Realization, since he was fifteen. An avid student of Mysticism, Metaphysics, Spiritualism, Deliverance, and Spirit Releasement, he is gifted in discerning spirits, is a bio-energetic healer and a Kundalini Reiki Master. Bryan founded New Humanity Media. He is the published author of various poetic works, two fictional works and most recently, "Light Transmissions: Accessing Your Inner Haven Through Self-Healing Dikshas, Meditations, Affirmations, and Shaktipats" and "Silencing a Thousand Barking Dogs." He is executive producer/host for "Transcendental Realization Radio" and the Popular Radio Podcast "Turning Points and Transformations."

In 2001, he experienced a life-altering influx of Ecstatic Light and Divine Love, igniting a spontaneous shift into awareness of being in intimate union with Spirit and the Divinity of "All That Is" (The "Allness"). Bryan was extremely humbled by this Transfigurative-Self-Realization awakening, coming to know the Divine Life within and at that point, fully realizing that the Real Divine Presence was never outside of him, but was an innate reality that was unveiled. This experience of immense grace and Illumination ignited a state of bliss that was all pervading for many years, inspiring massive creative and artistic endeavors. In the present, Bryan realizes that true “Enlightenment” is not only found in “peak” experiences of higher consciousness (not just "astral phenomena" and "psychism"), but by simply removing the perceptual blocks to the awareness of Love by living in the sacred heart space, bringing “Presence” and “Stillness” to each conscious breath and all mundane tasks of day to day living.