Silencing a Thousand Barking Dogs: Muzzling Mental Mania Limited Time Listen Free 

Announcing the re-release of discourses from Bryan's 2011 Audio Book Release called "Silencing a Thousand Barking Dogs Volume I: Muzzling Mental Mania!". Discourses and downloads are now being made available at as of November 2016. LISTEN FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! New episodes are being released weekly.

Here is a description of Episode/Discourse 1, giving an overview of the ongoing series:

Orginally published in the summer of 2011, Bryan shares his personal journey of

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Light Transmissions Now Released 

Announcing the Release of Light Transmissions Now - March 2016! Get it Now!

An audio book and album, a project that began in 2012, Light Transmissions is now out in distribution, for download and for streaming. Light Transmissions is an uplifting compilation of dikshas (in the form of self-initiations), meditations, affirmations, empowerments, and shaktipats (transmissions of energy), designed for the listener to raise their consciousness. 

I am excited to have this available to the public after a great…

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Turning Points & Transformation Episodes 

Hey friends and family, fellow artists, dreamers, and mystic visionaries alike. I definitely invest myself in many different mediums of creative generation, regeneration, renewal, transcendentally birthing ideas from the causal plane, transforming them into energy on the astral plane, and then to ground them, don't on the earth plane. This is something we all do - tap into our Highest Self/True Self/Christ Self/Buddha Self/the Atman. . .  we, like blessed wombs of the past and present, give birth to…

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Fractured & Delivered Released and Ready to be Purchased 

Hey fans and friends alike. Thanks for visiting this growing site which is going to be a creative hub of activity, an eclectic and artistic outpouring from my soul. I refuse to be limited to one medium of expression. I was very excited to re-release the new and improved Fractured & Delivered back in August. It's an album that explores the Transcendental journey and Awakening process in my life, reflections of my twenty-year long journey in spiritual seeking. You can listen to the album right here on…

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