Light Transmissions

Bryan Rice

This album is a compilation of dikshas, meditations, affirmations, and blessings - meditative, transcendental, and empowering.

Light Transmissions is an audio book of the book available in print. It is meant to be heard. This album is a compilation of dikshas (initiations), blessings, meditations, affirmations, shaktipats, and shaktis for the purpose of enlightenment and upliftment into superconscious states of awareness, by releasing debris from the subconscious mind and transcending into God Mind. The ultimate goals of hearing this are empowerment, motivation, gaining new found self-awareness and planting the seeds for Self-Realization. Self-Realization is coming into the awareness of your inner divinity, your True Self, or Sat Nam. These light transmissions came from attunement to and awareness of God Mind, Christ, Krishna, and Buddha Consciousness - from the Atman (True Self) as well as the Absolute beyond all imagining, Brahman (Father-Mother Consciousness); all different ways of speaking about the Infinite Intelligence that Loves "All There Is".

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